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Corian for Retail Spaces

corian used in retail space

Since its introduction in 1967, DuPont Corian has proved itself to be a remarkably durable material that is easy to live with and great for retail spaces. It is made from one solid piece so it doesn’t peel and stands up well to daily use and abuse from customers and staff alike.

Colours and textures run through the entire thickness of the material and cannot wear away. So no fading in patches from being in sunlight. Pieces of Corian can be glued together inconspicuously to create a seamless look, giving virtually unlimited design possibilities for surfaces which can be key in different retail spaces.

It resists most of the impacts, nicks and cuts that occur in heavy traffic areas. Surfaces are renewable, meaning they can be fully restored with ordinary mild abrasive cleansers and a scouring pad. Cigarette burns, for example, can be easily removed in this way. Damage can be easily be buffed out or often repaired onsite without completely having to replace the material.

Corian has been tested for its mechanical, thermal, electrical and other surface properties. You can check www.corian.com on the Specification datasheet for the results of these specific tests as well as details of the other physical properties of Corian.

Contact us on 0800 7747854 email us direct at  info@gmsolidsurfaces.co.uk to discuss how corian surfaces can be used in your next retail outlet.

Smart Solutions with Corian

As Corian is so versatile for designs, intelligent and space saving solutions can be built into your space seamlessly.

smart solutions with corian

Corian is easily transformable into a range of shapes. The material may be used to create sinks and worktops that incorporate removable dish racks and cutlery holders. Furthermore it can be equipped with Corian Charging Surface, a technology to power up smartphones and tablets wirelessly. This is a great solution to charge all your gadgets.

To complete your work surface and create a truly bespoke look, you can add custom accents such as coved upstands, stainless steel hob bars or drainer grooves in exactly the places you want them.

Wine chillers can be added in with cut out holes in the cosmaruntertop to make way, or pop up charging stations as well. The possibilities are virtually endless for any kitchen gadget you’d like to incorporate into your surface.

Contact us to discuss how we can incorporate some of these smart solutions in your next project.

Corian Solid Surface for Kitchens

corian solid surface kitchen

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, Corian Solid Surface lends a refined elegance to your home. A cleanly shaped edge helps balance your work surface. Pictured above is Corian Solid Surface ‘Lava Rock’ for the work surface and sink.

Since Corian Solid Surface can be easily shaped and carved, there are a wide variety of stylish edge details available. They range from simple straight edges to bevel, receding or extra thick edges. We can show you samples so you can decide which you like best.

As each piece of Corian is bespoke and manufactured by us, you can choose the right surfaces to create your dream kitchen. You can choose the shape and colour of your sink, where the drainer groves go and more! You can create a one of a kind kitchen exactly how you envision it.

After years of use, just use a light sandpaper to buff out any scratches to make your kitchen surface look as good as new. So not only will you get the kitchen you love, you’ll also be able to keep it looking fresh.

Use our free quote tool for a bespoke quote. All you need is to put in your dimensions and desired surface choice, and we will get back to you with a no-obligation quote.

Alternatively you can phone us on 0800 7747854 if you’re not sure what you are looking for and our expert staff will be happy to discuss and help you put together your dream kitchen.

Choose a Worktop and sink that are made to last with Corian

Choosing a kitchen or bathroom sink or worktop can be a tedious job, but with Corian surfaces you can use the same material for all of it!

corian worktop

Our solid surface materials can be moulded and shaped into just about anything your imagination can come up with. This makes it ideal for a seamless sink and worktop, that are hardwearing and easy to clean.

Being stain resistant, hygienic and easy to maintain are just some of the benefits to choosing a Corian surface. Scratches can be buffed out so that your surface will continue looking as good as new. You can see full Corian care instructions on their website.

Our solid surface design specialists are able to carefully work with you in order to fit sinks or worktops into your bathroom and/or kitchen to ensure that you will enjoy them for many years to come.

You can contact us for a free quote, or use our handy online quote tool and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We can also help you to come up with design and colour options if you are unsure of what you’d like. We may even have a colour you’ve not even thought of but would look perfect in your next project!

Environmentally Friendly Worktops with Corian

Choosing an environmentally friendly worktop that is both beaufitul and functional can sometimes be a challenge. Corian Designs have been carefully manufactured to ensure that they are environmentally friendly.

Corian has been available as an environmentally friendly choice from a responsible company operating since 1802.

These surfaces are renewable, meaning that any slight damage or scratches can often be buffed out by yourself. This minimises need to replace and dispose of it as you can just fix it up as needed!

Corian solid surfaces have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content, and have proven to be extremely safe. The surfacing materials last for over 40 years, with minimal impact on indoor air quality. It is a non-toxic material and when it is disposed of and burned, it doesn’t contain toxic halogenated gases.

Corian solid surfaces have received important independent certification for their environmental performance (such as GreenGuard, NAHB North American Builders Association, Scientific Certification Systems).

Their hygienic performance is also certified by prestigious independent institutions (for example, by NSF International). Corian is also NSF/ANSI Standard 51 Certified for food contact, the highest level, for all food types in commercial food preparation.

You can read more about how Corian surfaces are environmentally friendly on their website here.

Expert Installations with Corian

With numerous options to choose for your kitchen or bathroom surfaces, it can be difficult to choose what to install! Corian can only be installed by a Corian expert, meaning all installations can be fully trusted, and that you can be assured that you are getting the best service.

We love the versatility and durability of Corian, which is why we work with this amazing material. As it is a manmade material, it can be moulded and made to your project specifications.

Corian surfaces originally began as a kitchen and bathroom material, but has since ventured out and is now used for an array of projects. From small projects such as reception desks, to big architectural designs, Corian offers a great deal of reliability and sturdiness and installations for a variety of projects. You can see some sample projects it has been used in on the Corian website.

All surfaces and projects are made to measure, and our surfaces usually come in three thicknesses: 6 millimetres, 12 millimetres, and 19 millimetres. Simply choose your thickness and we can help you with measuring up everything else.

If you want to discuss how Corian surfaces can be used in your next project or design, contact us today.

Get Long Lasting Kitchen Countertops with Corian

If you are looking for new countertops for your kitchen, look no further than Corian!

corian countertops

The creative ideas are almost endless with a variety of colours, bespoke shapes and surface options. From kitchen worktops to breakfast bars, Corian is a great solution for kitchens.

There are many benefits for homeowners to consider Corian for their countertops. Such as the surface being hardwearing and long lasting, making it a cost effective work and practical surface. Scratch resistant, easy to clean, heat resistant are just some of the benefits of having a corian countertop. Read more on the Corian website about the benefits of choosing it as your kitchen surface.

With a large range of colour options, you can get the exact look that you want to match with your cupboard and floor choices. We can help you work to your budget and help you come up with the best solution.

Contact us today to discuss your next project.

Get Easy to Clean Surfaces with Corian

easy to clean surfaces with corianAre you thinking about modernising your bathroom? Think about choosing Corian for your sink and surfaces.

Corian can be moulded in many ways, so you can get a bespoke size and shape to fit perfectly in your bathroom. It’s a great solution for not only sinks, but countertops and ledges. Wherever you want an easy to clean surface!

Cleaning a bathroom can be a tedious job, which is why Corian surfaces are so popular – they allow for easy to clean functionality, ensuring that you stay on top of your cleaning with little ease. The material of Corian makes it non-porous and resists mould and mildew making surfaces durable, stain resistant, easy to clean and hygienic.

Corian Design specialists are able to carefully work with you in order to fit a sink or other surfaces into your bathroom.

To discuss your next project, contact us or use our free quote tool. You can also phone for advice and our experts can answer any questions you may have.

Get a Free Corian Worktop Quote

Corian surfaces are a great choice, especially in the kitchen. With over 130 colours, Corian kitchen surfaces are bound to inspire your new kitchen renovation.

get a free quote for Corian Worksurface

It resists against scratches, stains, and heat… perfect for a seamless finish. Kitchens are one of the most popular areas in a household, so why not make sure yours is top-notch?

You can use our free quote tool on our website which is perfect for planning out you’re new kitchen worktops. Simply choose the kitchen layout that best matches yours such as U-shape, L-shape or straight, enter the dimensions and then we will give you a price based on the brand and colour you’ve chosen.

If you are unsure which brand or colour you want to go with, we can discuss different options with you and give you a quote for them. Our experts are on hand to help you with the planning of your new surface from start to finish.

For A Beautiful Worktop Finish, Choose Corian

beautiful worktop finish with corianCorian offers a beautiful worktop finish in terms of style, professionalism, innovation and reliability. Designs can be created without any harsh edges or seams to make your design look polished and add extra stability.

Corian is a high-tech surface that is being used for everyday purposes. For residential, public, commercial environments, both indoors and out, Corian provides endless inspirations for practically any project you can think of in relation to surfacing.


Our expert installers can work with you to come up with the best design and product for your project and budget. Contact us to discuss your project or use our free quote form if you know roughly what you’d like.