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Corian Solid Surfaces for Outdoor Spaces

outdoor corian worktop

Corian Solid Surfaces is a great choice for outdoor applications as it has a low moisture absorption. It is also resistant to environmental pollutants, humidity, and freeze/thaw conditions, and is UV resistant. 

Commercial applications could include playgrounds, equipment or signs in parks, restaurant terraces and furniture and more. It can also be used in residential homes for outdoor tables and chairs, benches, bars. It’s easy to clean and hygienic qualities coupled with it’s stability make it ideal for outdoor use. 

Corian also holds up to the weather by maintaining it’s colour and strength. If after a while it starts to slightly discolour, a cleaning or sanding will revive the original colour and finish to look good as new. 

Corian can even be used as exterior cladding on homes and buildings we have that much faith in it’s durability! As it can be moulded into almost any shape, our experts can create stunning visual imagery on the outside of buildings. It’s already been installed on various architecture around the globe.

Different colours have different staying powers, so don’t hesitate to get advice from our experts. If you have an outdoor project that you think may benefit from Corian, please contact us to chat about your needs. 

Combine Materials with Corian

mixed materials corian and metal

Corian’s versatility and range of colours makes it the perfect surface to complement other materials such as wood, glass, metal, stone, concrete and more. 

As Corian can be moulded and formed into many shapes and sizes it is easy to integrate around other materials. Often Corian is used as a kitchen worktop surface. It can be moulded to fit metal or stone sinks, or used to break up worktops with wood or other stone. 

With it’s huge range of colours and design options, you can get a budget alternative to natural stone that looks just as beautiful but is more hardwearing. 

Mixing materials gives you more creative freedom over your designs and home renovations. Choosing a surface like Corian that mixes and matches with a variety of materials is the smart choice. With it’s huge range of colours and design options, it’s easy to match existing design elements.

You can also mix and match different textures and colourways of Corian to give a long lasting interesting design and give the illusion of mixing materials. Mix our concrete aesthetics with wood aesthetics or marble look designs. The possibilities are virtually endless!

For a free quote use our quote tool on our website to get an idea of what your next project will cost. 

Why Choose Another Surface When You Can Choose Corian?

corian surface kitchen

When investing in big home purchases, it is important that you know what you are buying. Research can be daunting so we will just give you a few reasons why a Corian surface makes a great choice for your kitchen or bathroom surfaces. 

  • Corian surfaces originally began as a kitchen and bathroom material, but has since ventured out and is now used for an array of projects. 
  • Corian is a surface that derives from bauxite ore. Bauxite is a type of sedimentary rock which is durable and reliable. 
  • Corian Designs face lots of competitors, but still remains to be one of the most well-established surface material brands in the UK. 
  • Corian surfaces come in a range of colours and sizes so suit large, expensive projects and small, budgeted projects.
  • Corian can only be installed by a Corian expert, meaning all installations can be fully trusted.
  • Corian surfaces are stain and scratch resistant allowing for work surfaces to look good for longer.
  • Corian surfaces can be used for practically anything. From sinks, to baths, to kitchen worktops… Corian is an all-rounder when it comes to surfacing!

When choose anything else when you can choose Corian? For a free quote use our quote tool. 

How to Keep Your Corian Sink Looking Like New

Corian is tough and durable as it is solid all the way through making it an ideal sink solution. Most damage, including severe impact, heat or chemical damage, can usually be repaired on site. This makes it easy to restore the original, smooth, hygienic solid surface integrity.  However, it’s important to take a few precautions to ensure your surface stays looking its best. 

Like most materials you may choose, Corian will develop slight scratches and marks from normal every day use. 

Both hot pans and boiling water can damage your Corian sink, so ensure pans are cooled before putting them into your sink, and don’t pour boiling water directly in. 

Generally, a damp microfiber cloth used with a standard household kitchen spray, such as Cif or Mr. Muscle should remove most stains. Once or twice a week make sure you give your sink a thorough clean using a detergent or surface cleaner.  

If you have any questions regarding cleaning, our experts are always on hand to help. Alternatively, you can visit Corian’s website and have a read of their care section.

Corian Surfaces is Ideal for Baths and Shower Enclosures

corian shower enclosure

Reliable and versatile, Corian surfaces is the perfect solution for bath and shower enclosures. It’s easy to clean and hygienic as it’s non-porous so bacteria can’t build up. It’s also very customisable as each design is fabricated to your specifications. 

With a huge range of colours and textures to choose from, you can get the exact look you want while making a statement. Corian surfaces can even be installed over existing surfaces. When being installed there’s no sanding  required meaning it’s a clean installation process. 

Corian joint adhesive creates water-tight joints that are mold and mildew resistant. There’s no messing about with silicone joints making it easier to clean. Soapy water or widely available cleaners are all you need to keep your shower or bath looking brand new. 

For hard water marks, it’s best to use a microfibre cloth and rub the stain with a standard household limescale remover or vinegar and leave for 2-4 minutes. Use a second microfibre cloth to rinse the area thoroughly with water.

Fabricated or cast Corian shower trays can also be fabricated to ensure everything fits together and you are using the best materials. Sizes and edge options are available for all shower panels to ensure you’re new Corian panel fits in perfectly with the rest of your bathroom design. 

Contact us to discuss your bath or shower needs and to see what solutions we can help you come up with.

New Corian Quartz Collection

corian quartz range
corian quartz range

Corian is a great alternative to quartz as not only is it more budget friendly, but it’s non-porous meaning bacteria can’t penetrate it like it can quartz making it more hygienic. This is why many people choose to use Corian in their kitchens and bathrooms.

The Corian quartz palette features six new high gloss aesthetics and four with a soft leathered texture. Colours range from pure white to deep gray and offer a new interpretation of nature. 

Bianco Pur and Bionco Marmor use a crisp white base for a pure colour or a flowing marble look. Oyster Grigio and Geo Grigio offer soft neutral backgrounds with veining and particles. Ashen Gray and Slate Geo have both light and dark gray colours that have a light vein going through.

The leather textured aesthetics offers a new and unique look to the range. This increases your design options which can include mixing and matching colours and textures within Corian surfaces or with other materials. 

Perfect for homes and businesses alike, for a free quotation please use our free quote form or contact us for a no obligation chat.

Nature Inspired Corian Surfaces

As Corian is a fabricated surface, technology is consistently being updated and improved upon to create innovative surfaces for your home or business. With the new additions slotting into the nature range, surfaces can be made to emulate wood, natural stone, concrete, and even be translucent. 

There are 15 new solid surface aesthetics added to the nature range such as;

Aggregate – an industrial sort of range, created specifically to coordinate with Corian Concrete aesthetic. There are four hues to choose from. This range can stand on it’s own and be a focal point, or blend into the background to let other elements of your design shine.

Terrazzo – inspired by mid-century modern design. This collection combines classic backgrounds with angular elements of white, grey, and black. 

Nuwood – inspired by wood, you can get lookalike surfaces such as rich mahogany or sunwashed beech. It is natural and refreshing, mimicking the beauty of natural wood. As it is a manufactured surface it can be used in otherwise out of the question areas such as bathrooms, kitchens. Any rooms where there is water and moisture. 

Onyx – Corian Onyx can be illuminated from above or below to create a glow with swirling green or gold colours to create depth. With swirling patterns it gives this surface an ethereal quality.

Solid – New solid colours Verdant (a rich green) and Laguna (rich blue) are a great celebration of colour. 

Linear – Two new colours Silver and Sepia streak through a white background. They provide a variation in veining to greys or browns. Alternatively vertical or horizontal applications can also be created. 

To discuss your new solid surface, contact us or use our free quote tool.

The Most Hygienic Surface with Corian

hygienic corian bathroom

Corian is non-porous and hygienic as it’s smooth surface does not allow liquids to penetrate. This makes it very easy to clean and to keep it clean. This is why Corian is the perfect choice for use in your kitchens and bathrooms.

Most Corian surfaces or sinks are made from a solid piece with no joins or seams, so there’s nowhere for dirt and bacteria to build up making it hygienic. Both granite and laminate countertops are porous meaning bacteria can appear. Bacteria and mould have nowhere to take root with Corian! 

As no dirt or liquids can penetrate the surface, spills can be wiped up with household cleaners and a cloth, meaning you don’t need any special equipment or cleaning solutions to ensure you’re surface is at it’s best. 

When a Corian surface looks clean, it really is well and truly clean. 

Use our free quote tool on our website to start planning your next Corian solid surface.

Corian for Retail Spaces

corian used in retail space

Since its introduction in 1967, DuPont Corian has proved itself to be a remarkably durable material that is easy to live with and great for retail spaces. It is made from one solid piece so it doesn’t peel and stands up well to daily use and abuse from customers and staff alike.

Colours and textures run through the entire thickness of the material and cannot wear away. So no fading in patches from being in sunlight. Pieces of Corian can be glued together inconspicuously to create a seamless look, giving virtually unlimited design possibilities for surfaces which can be key in different retail spaces.

It resists most of the impacts, nicks and cuts that occur in heavy traffic areas. Surfaces are renewable, meaning they can be fully restored with ordinary mild abrasive cleansers and a scouring pad. Cigarette burns, for example, can be easily removed in this way. Damage can be easily be buffed out or often repaired onsite without completely having to replace the material.

Corian has been tested for its mechanical, thermal, electrical and other surface properties. You can check www.corian.com on the Specification datasheet for the results of these specific tests as well as details of the other physical properties of Corian.

Contact us on 0800 7747854 email us direct at  info@gmsolidsurfaces.co.uk to discuss how corian surfaces can be used in your next retail outlet.

Smart Solutions with Corian

As Corian is so versatile for designs, intelligent and space saving solutions can be built into your space seamlessly.

smart solutions with corian

Corian is easily transformable into a range of shapes. The material may be used to create sinks and worktops that incorporate removable dish racks and cutlery holders. Furthermore it can be equipped with Corian Charging Surface, a technology to power up smartphones and tablets wirelessly. This is a great solution to charge all your gadgets.

To complete your work surface and create a truly bespoke look, you can add custom accents such as coved upstands, stainless steel hob bars or drainer grooves in exactly the places you want them.

Wine chillers can be added in with cut out holes in the cosmaruntertop to make way, or pop up charging stations as well. The possibilities are virtually endless for any kitchen gadget you’d like to incorporate into your surface.

Contact us to discuss how we can incorporate some of these smart solutions in your next project.