September 16, 2019 Dannielle Smith

Corian Solid Surfaces for Outdoor Spaces

outdoor corian worktop

Corian Solid Surfaces is a great choice for outdoor applications as it has a low moisture absorption. It is also resistant to environmental pollutants, humidity, and freeze/thaw conditions, and is UV resistant. 

Commercial applications could include playgrounds, equipment or signs in parks, restaurant terraces and furniture and more. It can also be used in residential homes for outdoor tables and chairs, benches, bars. It’s easy to clean and hygienic qualities coupled with it’s stability make it ideal for outdoor use. 

Corian also holds up to the weather by maintaining it’s colour and strength. If after a while it starts to slightly discolour, a cleaning or sanding will revive the original colour and finish to look good as new. 

Corian can even be used as exterior cladding on homes and buildings we have that much faith in it’s durability! As it can be moulded into almost any shape, our experts can create stunning visual imagery on the outside of buildings. It’s already been installed on various architecture around the globe.

Different colours have different staying powers, so don’t hesitate to get advice from our experts. If you have an outdoor project that you think may benefit from Corian, please contact us to chat about your needs.