September 10, 2019 Dannielle Smith

Combine Materials with Corian

mixed materials corian and metal

Corian’s versatility and range of colours makes it the perfect surface to complement other materials such as wood, glass, metal, stone, concrete and more. 

As Corian can be moulded and formed into many shapes and sizes it is easy to integrate around other materials. Often Corian is used as a kitchen worktop surface. It can be moulded to fit metal or stone sinks, or used to break up worktops with wood or other stone. 

With it’s huge range of colours and design options, you can get a budget alternative to natural stone that looks just as beautiful but is more hardwearing. 

Mixing materials gives you more creative freedom over your designs and home renovations. Choosing a surface like Corian that mixes and matches with a variety of materials is the smart choice. With it’s huge range of colours and design options, it’s easy to match existing design elements.

You can also mix and match different textures and colourways of Corian to give a long lasting interesting design and give the illusion of mixing materials. Mix our concrete aesthetics with wood aesthetics or marble look designs. The possibilities are virtually endless!

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