February 6, 2019 Dannielle Smith

Get Easy to Clean Surfaces with Corian

easy to clean surfaces with corianAre you thinking about modernising your bathroom? Think about choosing Corian for your sink and surfaces.

Corian can be moulded in many ways, so you can get a bespoke size and shape to fit perfectly in your bathroom. It’s a great solution for not only sinks, but countertops and ledges. Wherever you want an easy to clean surface!

Cleaning a bathroom can be a tedious job, which is why Corian surfaces are so popular – they allow for easy to clean functionality, ensuring that you stay on top of your cleaning with little ease. The material of Corian makes it non-porous and resists mould and mildew making surfaces durable, stain resistant, easy to clean and hygienic.

Corian Design specialists are able to carefully work with you in order to fit a sink or other surfaces into your bathroom.

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